Transport of children will be the responsibility of individual parents. the school provides transport on all routes.

The following are the BUS RULES.

  • Students should remain seated.
  • Keep noise levels low.
  • Not stick hands or head out of the window.
  • Not be rude to people on the road.
  • Not eat on the bus.
  • Not litter the bus failing which, penalties will be imposed, including exclusion from the bus service.
Sr.No. Vehicle No. Make Seating Capacity Driver Name Mobile No. Route
1 HP72B8441 FORCE 17+1 Mr. Ashwani Kumar 9882654979 UNA  TO DAULTPUR
2 HP72B8442 TATA MOTOR 28+1 Mr. Raman Kumar 7889098088 UNA TO NANGAL
3 HP72B8443 FORCE 17+1` Mr. Ashok Kumar 9805510854 UNA TO PALAKWAH
4 HP72B8574 TATA MOTOR 28+1 Mr. Ashish Kumar 8219894326 UNA TO RAKKAR
5 HP72B1994 SML 40+1 Mr. Ashok Kumar 9736576502 UNA TO KOERI
6 HP72C1355 SML 30+1 Mr. Kuldeep Singh 8219987131 UNA TO DHAMANDRI
7 HP72C1356 SML 30+1 Mr. Krishan Gopal 9805283477 UNA TO TAKARLA
8 HP72C4952 SML 26+1 Mr. Sanjeev Kumar 8894531091 UNA TO JHAMBER
9 HP20B1980 TATA 7+1 Mr. Rahul 8580727171 UNA TO BASOLI